The Pacific islands face numerous climatic threats. However, effective climate education is notoriously difficult as concepts such as the global climate system and long-term climate change often appear abstract and technical. A promising antidote to these liabilities is a place-based approach that links significant local places to the visible effects of climate change.

This Practice Brief documents place-based climate education initiatives currently ongoing in Oʻahu, Hawaiʻi and reports on the perspectives of place-based climate education practitioners. The aim is to suggest best practices that can be expanded on Oʻahu as well as adapted to other Pacific island communities.

Mahalo to these that contributed time and manaʻo to this brief: Ululani Beirne-Keawe, May Au, Thorin Evans, Erwin Kahala, Kanoa Switzer, Charles Kaʻaiʻai, Jessica Casson, Ikaika Lum, Sam Gon, Hiʻilei Kawelo, Kapono Ciotti, & Heather McMillen

A full version of this brief can be read here.