DASH Climate Education – Grade 4 is a curriculum resource adapted from the activities of Developmental Approaches to Science, Health, and Technology.

From 2012-2015, DASH authors updated these sections to enhance how this internationally disseminated curriculum prepares students for higher grade-level climate science education.

Units are aligned with the PCEP Climate Education Framework and relevant sections of the Next Generation Science Standards, and were piloted by 25 classroom educators from Kosrae, Majuro, and Pohnpei.

DASH Climate Education – Grade 3 is also available.

DASH Climate Education – Grade 4

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DASH Components

4.0 DASH Components

4.1 Weather Data Collection

4.2 Clouds

4.3 Weather Prediction

4.4 Monthly Weather Summary

4.5 Extreme Weather Events

4.6 Earth’s Climates

4.7 Introduction to Climate Change

4.8 Erosion

4.9 Impacts of Climate Change

4.10 Year End Weather Summary and Local Climate

4.11 Evaluation: Grade 4 Concept and Skill Inventory



A. NGSS Science and Engineering Practices

B. Humidity

C. Air Pressure and Barometers

D. Lightning

E. Gravity