PCEP Update: June/July 2017

  • Highlights from Kosrae
  • Pohnpei Teachers Learning Community (PTLC) goes National
  • Pacific Storytellers Cooperative activates young voices in Palau and CNMI
  • Exploring Intersections between Three Dimensional Learning and Place-Based Education
  • New Curricular Resources: Coral Reefs—Underwater World in a Changing Climate & Agroforests—Growing Resilient Communities


PCEP Update: May 2017

  • Teaching Change – Ecosystem Ecology, Climate Change & Phenology – Teacher Training Workshop 2017
  • Sharing Lessons about Working with Indigenous Communities
  • Summer Professional Development Opportunities
  • New Curricular Resources: Coral Reefs—Underwater World in a Changing Climate & Agroforests—Growing Resilient Communities


PCEP Update: March 2017

  • Chuuk Science Teachers Further Explore Place-Based Resources
  • Place-based Education through Storytelling at the College of Micronesia (COM) National Campus
  • Pohnpei Teachers Learning Community (PTLC) in Action
  • Ulu Kalihi Teachers Explore the Kalihi Ahupuaʻa
  • Summer 2017 Conferences!
  • New Curricular Resource: Language & Content (L&C) Learning across the Curriculum Bilingual Texts


PCEP Update: January 2017

  • Next Generation Science Standards (NGSS) in the Learning Garden: Developing Systems Thinking
  • Representing PCEP at the American Geophysical Union (AGU) Fall Meeting
  • Chuuk Teachers Engage in PCEP Resources
  • Pohnpei Teachers Learning Community (PTLC) Shares El Niño Demonstration with Future Teachers
  • New Curricular Resource: Framework for Teacher Professional Development


PCEP Update: November 2016

  • Learning About El Niño Impacts in Pohnpei
  • Linking Pacific Resources to Guam’s Classrooms
  • Training Teachers in Chuuk with PCEP Resources


PCEP Update: September 2016

  • Learning STEM for Change – FEW-LOTS Summer Program for Youth
  • Recognizing Nan Madol as a Site for Place-based Education
  • Learning, Understanding, and Connecting to Your Place(s)
  • Climate Science Teacher Institute Travels to American Samoa
  • New Curricular Resources: Developmental Approaches to Science, Health, and Technology (DASH) & Mangrove Lesson Set for Grades 3–5


PCEP Update: July 2016

  • FEW LOTS – In”still”ing a Making Mind-set
  • Reflections from FestPac 2016: Excerpt from Pacific Storytellers Cooperative
  • Teachers Train with Hawai‘i School Garden Curriculum Map
  • Finding Cross-Cultural Connections in Planning for Garden Learning
  • New Resource: Climate Change in Hawai‘i


PCEP Update: May 2016

  • Palau High School Classroom Pilots Mangroves Book
  • PCEP Supports Bilingual Text Development in Chuuk
  • Pohnpei Teachers Learning Community Reflects on Growth
  • PCEP Resources Shared at Na‘alehu Elementary School Earth Day 2016
  • Bilingual Texts Linked to Web Portal


PCEP Update: March 2016

  • Piloting Place-based Education: Elements of Design in Hawai‘i and the Republic of the Marshall Islands
  • Guam Agencies Host Get Ready Guam! 2016 Service Learning Summit
  • Climate Science Education Expanding in Republic of the Marshall Islands Schools
  • PCEP Place-based Education Resource Endorsed by David Sobel


PCEP Update: January 2016

  • Palau High School Science Club
  • Simon Sanchez High School’s We Are Micronesia Ocean Fair
  • Pohnpei Teachers Using PCEP Resources
  • PCEP Represented at the American Geophyscial Union Annual Conference
  • College of the Marshall Islands Media Club
  • Updates to the PCEP Web Portal Resource Page


PCEP Update: November 2015

  • Learner Maker Space at Life Skills Academy in Majuro
  • Pohnpei Teachers Learning Community
  • Chuuk Women’s Council Annual Conference
  • Resource Highlight: Pacific Climate Variability


PCEP Update: September 2015

  • Climate Science Teacher Institute Workshop in the Marshall Islands
  • Poster Pilot on Weno
  • PCEP Resources on Display at the Pacific Educational Conference
  • Dr. Chip Fletcher and Kathy Jetnil-Kijiner Offer Keynote Address at 2015 Pacific Educational Conference
  • Guam Conservation Symposium
  • Yap Summer Science Teacher Workshop


PCEP Update: March 2015

  • PCEP Offers Keynote at 2015 Guam Service Learning Summit
  • New Palau Science Curriculum Framework Coming in May 2015
  • Voyaging for STEM in American Sāmoa


PCEP Update: December 2014

  • Hōkūleʻa in American Sāmoa & New Zealand
  • External Advisory Committee Meeting
  • PCEP receives national recognition